Privacy Policy

This policy is the privacy policy of the VIGNANASKI.COM website. It provides a general outline of the way we use the data taht we collect or that you provide to us, as part of our services.

We respect your privacy, and collect only information that we need for the purposes set out below, including in order to provide our services and to protect our legitimate interests, in accordance with the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 (“Privacy Protection Law”) And with other legal instructions which apply to us.

The types of information we collect and process depends on our relationship with you (e.g. buyer). If you do not wish to provide information, or you do not agree with these conditions, you are under no legal obligation to do so, but you may not be able to receive some of our services.

The information in this policy is in addition to provisions regarding privacy which were submitted to you separately, for example, as part of the products you have purchased. We recommend that you review all the information we provide regarding your privacy. You can always contact us and receive clarifications at

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, as necessary and in line with changes in the law. Please pay attention to these changes which will appear on the website, since they apply to you. 

The information we may collect

This policy applies to personal information which refers to you or to other individuals and also to data which can reasonably be identified.

We collect information in connection with the provision of our services. This information might include, depending on the service provided and your relationship with us and subject to any law, including:

  • Identifying information and engagement details, including name, e-mail address, phone number, shipping address, products you have purchased, password, means of payment, information received from youon different channels of communication with us, etc. This is information that you provide to us, for example, when registering or purchasing through our website, for the purpose of using the site’s services, and we will only request the information necessary for the purpose of providing the services.
  • Information that does not identify you personally and is not stored together with your details, which will be collected statistically, about user activity on our website, such as pages viewed, types of offers and services that are of interest, information about the device you use to contact us and more.
  • Additional information as noted in this privacy policy.

Personal information of others

If you provide us with information about another person (e.g. your friends or any others), you must inform such persons in advance that you will be providing their information and obtain their consent for use of the information about them in accordance with this policy.

Why do we collect information?

The purpose of the information that we collect is primarily for providing our services. Among other things, the information is used for the following purposes:

  • Helping you use our services.
  • Sending important information about our services, including information that we are obligated to send and other useful information.
  • Making decisions about providing our services.
  • Handling claims and legal proceedings.
  • Dealing with payment and collection matters, including making future debits and credits.
  • Analyzing user experience, including for the purpose of improving our services and work processes, improving and enriching the services and content offered (including by writing reviews, conducting market research and surveys).
  • Improving our marketing activity. 
  • Compliance with legislative requirements, such as conforming with judicial and government orders, including foreign authorities, if we believe that we are required to conform with them.
  • Protecting our own legitimate interests and legal rights as well as those of others.
  • Dealing with requests to inspect the information and correct it if necessary in accordance with the Privacy Protection Act.
  • For information security purposes.

Transfering information

We might pass on personal nformation to third parties as part of our current activity, but only for the purpose of implementing the objectives permitted to us, under the provisions of any law, to provide our services. Our service providers might include suppliers we work with (such as printers, framers, couriers, etc.), including those abroad. We will provide the minimum information required to maintain your privacy in accordance with this policy.

We may transfer the information to other third parties as part of our day-to-day operations, including subcontractors and suppliers of business operations, including those abroad, in areas such as analytics, cloud services, mailing distribution, customer service, etc., but only for the purpose of providing our services and in scope of what we are permitted, under the provisions of any law, as you authorize, or under this policy.

The information collected will be stored by us through the storage provider SITEGROUND whose address is and processing on the site is done by Google Analytics whose address appears below.

We ware permitted to take measures to achieve our legitimate interest, if illegal actions are taken on the site, including for the purpose of  fraud prevention.

We will also be able to transfer the information in accordance with any law, including in response to orders from authorities and courts (including foreigners) and in accordance with what is requested in them.

Subject to the provisions of the law, we will be entitled to transfer information in the context of the sale of our business (including in the framework of negotiations for such a sale), and in the framework of reorganization, merger, joint ventures and other transactions in connection with our business. In such a case, the recipient of the information will be subject to the restrictions regarding the use of the information as applicable to us.

Contact and advertising

When you provide us with methods of contacting you, you agree that we may use this means of communication to contact you and send you mail and adverising on various subjects (including e-mail adress and phone number), we will contact you through them and send you various mailings.

After making a purchase on the site, there is a possibility that you will also receive marketing offers and advertisements about our products and services, as the case may be, for example, by e-mail or text messages to the phone number you provided.

If you are not interested in receiving such marketing offers and advertisements, please inform us about your refusal by sending an email to or by calling us at 054-7503680.

Please note that even after you have requested not to receive mail or advertising material, you will receive notifications from us (through all means of communicatoins) that by law swe are permitted or obligated to send you (such as messages in connection with your services – notices regarding your order, invoices for purchase or notice of delivery), even without your consent).

Surveys and reviews

We might ask for your opinion about our services as part of a survey or writing reviews. Participation is voluntary. The information provided in the survey will be used to improve or change the service, to monitor satisfaction with our website, as well for other uses permitted under any law.

Right to inspect and correct the information

According to the Privacy Protection Act, you may inspect the information about you that in our possesion and if you find that it is incorrect, incomplete or out of date, you have the right to ask to correct or delete it. Please contact us for this purpose at


This policy applies to the service provided on our website only. However, our website may include links to other websites or applications, and the service provided through these websites and applications is not provided by us. We are not responsible for the protection of privacy and data security policy of these websites. Please note that you are not obligated to use them, the use is your exclusive responsibility and is subject to their terms of use and privacy policy and data security policy.

COOKIES and automatic data collection

For the proper operation of the website, for data security and fraud prevention purposes, and in order to provide you with a rapid, faster and more efficient service, to identify you when you are re-entering the website (and save you, among other things, re-identification, fill details previously filled or select products and add them to cart), we use a variety of technologies, such as cookie technology, which are a unique internal sign recorded in your web browser. The cookies files are saved on your end device, but they are not computer software and they can’t read information or perform any actions on it.

Cookies and other technologies such as mobile phone identifiers, web beacons, pixel files and activity recorded on our website, enable us, among other things, to monitor your activity performed on the website, to analyze your browsing activity on the website, to improve the browsing experience and service on the website, Perform statistical processing and make business decisions about our services.

We use third-party monitoring technology (some of which uses cookies), such as Google Analytics, and accordingly, are exposed to cumulative information about actions performed on the website and receive information about the end device from which the website is browsed (operating system version, screen type, browser, IP address, time Stayed on the site or page on the site, location and more).

These parties might collect information about you, for the purposes of their customized measurement and publication, in accordance with their privacy policies and other conditions that may apply to you, and therefore we advise you to review their privacy policies. For example – Google’s privacy policy and the Google Analytics opt-out options at

The cookies can be blocked. For example, most web browsers and operating systems allow users to delete cookies from their device, to block their acceptance or to receive alerts before they are stored. Disabling cookies is possible by changing the advertising settings on the device (if you have a smartphone, you can restrict the use of the device ID for advertising). Please note that if you disable the cookies, the experience of using the website may be affected.

Data security

We take appropriate  and reasonable security measures for the data in our possesion, which conform with the generally accepted standards used in the Internet industry.

These measures reduce the risks associated with data security, but they do not provide complete security, and therefore we can not guarantee that our services will be completely immune as there is always some risk of unauthorized intrusion into the information. As long as we take reasonable security measures, we will not be liable for damage caused as a result of such unauthorized intrusion and transfer of information to a third party due to such intrusion.

As mentioned, we take various security measures to make sure that information about you is provided only to you, but effective security depends on you as well. For example, if you have not updated the address we have, then important mailings will be sent to your previous address. If you share your password for the website or e-mail box with others, or if the computer you are using is infected with a virus, information about you might be accessible to others.

pursuant to the law, we may sometimes pass on to third parties aggregate data for different purposes, such as research or other purposes by those parties. In these cases, we will take measures to ensure that this data is transferred in a manner that makes it difficult to identify you or others personally.

Online fraud (“phishing”)

It is possible that various entities may attempt to penetrate the website by using the means of identification you have received from us. Therefore, never give your username or password to anyone.

Various entities may attempt to obtain your password and other identifying information fraudulently. For example, they may contact you via a fake email, copying our trademarks and design features, and ask you to provide your identification information, sometimes using excuses that the information is required due to “security reasons”, “order verification” or “system upgrade”. The fraudulent email message may contain a link to a fake website, which is an imitation of our website. If there are links in the message, hover your mouse over the link. In many cases, although the link will look like it points to the official site, when you hover over it with the mouse a different address will be displayed, sometimes similar to the original address (to mislead). This way they will illegally try to obtain your credentials in order to access your accounts. If you enter the password on the fake website, the information will be passed on to crooks, who will misuse it.

Therefore, be alert to fake emails, pay attention to inquiries that are not personalized to you, that are unexpected or that have spelling and grammar errors. In case of doubt, and as a precaution, log in to the official website by typing in the full address in the browser or by searching in a search engine, and not from a link sent to you by email, unless you are sure it was sent to you by us. Do not open attachments unless you expect them and are sure they were sent to you by us.

We recommend that you take additional security measures as well. Use the security options of the operating system on your computer, install antivirus software, install all available updates (it is recommended to run an automatic update for this purpose), avoid downloading from unofficial sites, do not share sensitive information on social networks (this information may be used by fraudsters to impersonate you ), Enable encryption using a wireless network, and avoid using public computers (for example, Internet cafes) or public WIFI networks – unless you are sure your communications are encrypted.

If there is even a slight concern that your identification information has reached foreign hands, or that a stranger has been able to gain access to the information held by us about you, we ask you to contact us immediately.

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