Find the perfect piece of art for your space

the bigger the better

image size matters! When choosing an image for your space, make sure it’s at least 3/4 the width or greater of what you’re trying to fill. Ideally this will match up with other elements in terms on visual impact too so there isn’t one specific area being emphasized more than others.

mix things up

Your home is your sanctuary. But to make it feel like the perfect escape, you need some contrast in there too! Use artwork from different locations and sizes for an exciting collection that will pull viewers into whatever room they’re exploring next at any given time – just like how art should be able do when showcased properly.

Think about how you could use a modern image in an old space to bring some life back into that room. A classic picture is perfect for more contemporary surroundings too, so don’t be afraid of mixing things up!

color matching

matching the interior décor of your home to specific colors can be difficult. However, it’s important not to match too much because then you will end up with an imbalance in size and feel for each room that doesn’t look good either- just go ahead and make sure everything has its own personality.

personal connection

You can’t go wrong with a piece of art that makes you feel things. You’ll have an intimate and personal connection to it, just like I did when pressing the shutter—a special feeling resonating through your body as if this were literally made for you! In addition be sure not only match colors from wall-to-wall but also furniture selection so all elements work together seamlessly without disrupting any other parts on their journey towards creating magic within your home or office space

feel it

Every time you look at an image, the photographer’s intention isthat they will inspire a mood. This feeling we all get witnessing beauty in nature cannot be restricted by borders-it exists everywhere! Created by Mother Nature and captured beautifully through Vignanski’s lens,
Every person who views them comes away inspired not only regarding their surroundings but also what life has brought him/her so far despite any hardships faced

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